Introducing Highflare

Richard Polderman
July 03, 2022

My first experience as a starting IT professional was one to never forget: cabinets filled with broken and long-forgotten hardware, outdated inventory spreadsheets, incomplete documentation, and don't get me started on paper user agreements… (where's that paper being kept anyways?).

These problems have inspired us to build Highflare, a simple way for your team to stay in control of your assets and documentation. In a word, Highflare helps you to streamline administrative tasks, reduce spending on assets, and free up time to perform more high-value activities – like providing more proactive customer support.

I’ve already begun working with a number of customers on Highflare’s initial functionality that I’d love to preview for you today.

How it works

Most companies continue to use Excel spreadsheets to track and maintain their assets, despite the fact that its fields offer little space for critical system information, or the health and history of an asset. Not surprisingly, assets regularly disappear or are transferred to other colleagues without first informing IT.

Highflare helps you stay on top of your assets while spending your time valuably instead.

Highflare inventory

The inventory overview is a place where you can use smart filters and custom fields to quickly find any data you’re looking for.

See who's using your assets, how assets are used, and which assets need your attention, so you can keep things running smoothly. You can find all information about an asset in one place, including the system information, history, comments, documentation and more.

All of the information about your assets can help you make more informed decisions about potential cost reductions and purchases.

What comes next?

This is only the beginning of what Highflare will do. We expect to expand Highflare’s functionality with time-saving features, including asset relationships, workflows, notifications, floor plans, warranty information, and advanced integrations with JIRA Service Desk, Azure AD, Microsoft Intune, Cisco Meraki and many more in the near future.

Do you want a more effective and efficient way to track your assets? We’d love to work with you throughout this beta period, and invite you to sign up below.

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