Keep track of everything

Whether you want to register keycards, laptops or buildings, with Highflare you can register and track all your important assets in one overview.

Asset management overview
Step 1

Easy registration

Say goodbye to outdated Excel sheets. Import your existing assets and register new assets directly in Highflare.

Import & Export

Custom fields

Register new assets in Highflare
Step 2

Up-to-date records

Keep all information about an asset in one place. Add relevant documents, comments, incidents, tags and more.


Activity feed


track assets during their lifetime
Step 3

Clear overview

Track your assets fast and easy in the inventory overview. Features like smart filters and custom fields allow you to quickly find any data youโ€™re looking for.






Everything you need to track assets.


Easily register and track all your assets in Highflare.


View a user's contact information and assigned assets.


Filter assets based on categories, attributes, users and more.


Make Highflare your own by adding custom fields with your own data.


Let your users sign when an asset is assigned or unassigned.


Create dashboards to monitor your assets more effectively.

Activity feed

Comment and view the history of an asset in the activity feed.

Import & export

Import new and existing asset data using CSV or XLSX.

Highflare allows us to reduce our IT costs and proactively help our users.

Laurens Post IT Manager at Bever

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