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Welcome your visitors at the front desk

Simple. Powerful. Wow your visitors with a great first impression.



Let your visitors play a sound when they're waiting at the front desk.

Office hours

Show alternative information on the tablet outside office hours.

Away from keyboard

Display a notification when there is temporarily no one at the front desk.


Digitally sign documents

Are you struggling to sign documents? Highflare asset management allows you to sign documents directly in the visitors app.

Faster than paper

Send and sign agreements up to 80% more quickly.

Secure and reliable

Safely sign and request signatures for your most important assets. Signed documents are automatically attached to the asset.

“We used to print out documents, sign them by hand, rescan them and save them somewhere safe. It was a nightmare.”

Visitors app FAQ

For now, the visitors app only allows you to inform your guests. The main purpose of the visitors app is to sign documents like user agreements in combination with Highflare asset management.

More visitor features will be possible in the near future.

Although the visitors app and visitor management software sound like similar products, they have different meanings.

The visitors app is a simple digital signage app that welcomes visitors at the front desk, while visitor management software welcomes visitors at the reception and tracks their movements within a building.

The visitors app can be used by any front desk to better inform visitors and to digitally sign documents.

All you need is a tablet. Highflare supports both Apple iPads and Android tablets.

Wow your visitors

Upgrade your front desk with the visitors app.

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